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Commercial Assets

Commercial Assets
We take the time to understand your business and commercial needs upfront.

Our team can explore a range of vehicle finance options and match these to your business operating needs. We take the time to understand your business and commercial needs upfront, then work with you to develop a solution that fits.

We keep pace with changes and new opportunities affecting the motor and commercial vehicle industry because we understand hw important it is for your transport needs.

We provide practical recommendations

  • we assist in determining the right equipment and options for your needs
  • we provide options which could minimise risk within your organisation
  • we customise our services to suit your requirements.

Upfront and quarterly reviews and cost reduction initiatives

  • we make recommendations quarterly using your fleet data to help identify which vehicles you need and to help you choose the leasing solution best suited to your requirements
  • identify options available which could minimise risk within your organisation.
  • customise any combination of services, including monthly reporting and flexible term options
  • we help you choose the best fleet solution to meet your requirements including full costs, criteria and assumptions

Dedicated account management

  • direct contact with your personal Relationship Manager, not a call centre
  • state of the art reporting and real time online access to fleet and financial information.

Negotiation support

  • We can act as an intermediary in negotiations with dealers and manufacturers to offer guidance on the vehicle that best suits your needs, based on vehicle size, budget, and whole of life cost or specialised features.

Recalls and defects

  • Coordinated with dealers to minimise disruption to your business.
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