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During the lease your vehicle will be managed by Holden Leasing. Our focus is to provide you with the best customer service, no matter what the circumstance, 24 hours, 7 days a week. When you need help, we will assist you quickly and professionally. That’s our commitment to you.

If you have any questions about your vehicle that are not covered in this guide, please call us anytime on 1800 022 012.

Registration renewal

If we manage your vehicle’s registration, we will process and pay your registration (and compulsory third party insurance where applicable). If your vehicle requires a pink slip, we’ll contact your Fleet Manager to advise that an inspection is necessary.

If you haven’t received a label before the registration expiry date, or you’re worried it won’t arrive in time, please call us on 1800 022 012. We will speed up delivery of the new label.


It is illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle.

What should I do when my vehicle needs to be serviced?

If we maintain your vehicle and it needs servicing, contact a Holden Leasing approved service centre. Usually it will be the dealer who delivered your vehicle - or any dealer approved by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

In the glove box you will find your vehicle’s service manual, with a list of the manufacturer’s authorised service centres.

If you are unsure where to take your vehicle, call us on 1800 022 012. We will tell you the closest dealer to your home or work.


Phone the dealer to agree on a suitable day for work to be done.

Tell them it’s a Holden Leasing vehicle.

On the servicing day, drop your vehicle at the dealer’s service centre. Please remind the service staff that your vehicle is managed by Holden Leasing and advise them of any specific things you believe need fixing.

Getting to Work

Most dealers offer courtesy drop offs to bus and train stations. If you need a replacement vehicle, contact us on 1800 022 012 after consulting your Fleet Manager.

How to pay

When your vehicle is ready to be picked up you don’t need to pay anything. We process all invoices and payments so you don’t have to worry.

What if I get a fine?

Payment of fines is your responsibility. If we receive traffic or parking infringements on your behalf, they will be forwarded to you, as will all subsequent notifications.


Please pay all infringements by their due date, otherwise further penalties may be incurred. If you ignore payment of fines, it is possible for the authorities to de-register all of your employer’s vehicles.

How do I get replacement tyres, windscreens and batteries?

To maintain your vehilce easily, we have sourced partnerships with the suppliers below.

When you drop the vehicle off, remember to let the supplier know it’s managed by Holden Leasing.


If we maintain your vehicle and it needs replacement tyres, puncture repairs or other problems such as uneven wear and wheel alignment, please contact the supplier listed below. To maintain consistency, performance and safety, we require ‘like for like’ tyres to be fitted.

  • Kmart Tyre & Auto: 13 13 28
  • Bridgestone 131 229

  • Bob Jane 13 26 25

  • Tyrepower 13 21 91

  • Beaurepaires 13 23 81


If we maintain your vehicle and you break or damage your windscreen, please call:

  • O’Brien Glass 131 616

  • National Windscreen Group 1800 059 966

Please contact your Fleet Manager to obtain your insurance policy number for any windscreen claims.


If we maintain your vehicle and you need to organise a replacement battery, please call:

  • Holden Leasing 1800 022 012

What if I breakdown or need roadside assistance?

If roadside assistance program is included in your lease and you breakdown, or need roadside assistance contact us on 1800 022 012. We’ll also arrange for roadside service for other vehicle problems, for example, if your keys are locked in the car, or a tyre needs changing.

If your vehicle can’t be restarted, we will arrange towing to the nearest
Holden Leasing service centre. We can book a taxi or arrange one of our
mini lease vehicles to get you to your final destination.

My vehicle’s lease is almost due. What now?

Usually your company will have a process to deal with vehicles at the end of lease.

Ask your Fleet Manager for details.

Replacement vehicle

If you are to receive a replacement vehicle, we will arrange dealer delivery to a designated drop off point. We will take your old vehicle away.

Return vehicle

If there is no replacement vehicle, your Fleet Manager will arrange with us, on your behalf, where and when the vehicle should be returned.

How do I purchase fuel and oil?

Your Holden Leasing vehicle is delivered with a full tank of fuel (to a maximum of 75 litres). If your company appoints us to manage your fuel, an active fuel card will be in the glove box of your new vehicle when you pick it up. Please ensure you purchase all of your fuel and oil from designated service stations with this card.

When you fill your vehicle, tell the service station attendant your odometer reading. This helps us manage and report on your vehicle. We’ll tell you or your Fleet Manager if inaccurate input causes calculation errors.


Keep your Fuel Card in a safe place. If your card is lost or stolen, please call us on 1800 022 012 to arrange a replacement. If the card is not reported as being lost or stolen you may be liable for costs charged to the card.

What if I have an accident?

If you are involved in an accident:

  1. Don’t admit liability.

  2. Collect the following information:

    • Details of other vehicles involved

      • vehicle type and registration

      • name of insurance company

      • noticeable damage

      • driver’s name, address andlicence number.

    • Accident details

      • date, time and location of accident

      • name, number and station of any police officers attending the scene

      • road and weather conditions.

  3. Call us 1800 022 012.
  4. We can give you the right advice for any situation. This includes information you need for other parties, your vehicle’s insurer and any statutory requirements that may apply.

  5. When the accident scene has been cleared, we will arrange towing for your vehicle and a replacement vehicle or taxi, if necessary, so you can complete your journey.

This service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week – where accident management is included in your lease. Please check with your employer’s fleet manager if we do not provide accident management for your vehicle.

What is unfair wear and tear?

Care for your vehicle at all times during the lease period.

When the vehicle is returned to us, we check its condition and ask you to sign a form confirming this.

If the vehicle is not returned in reasonable condition, outside of fair ‘wear and tear’, your employer can bear a restoration charge, which you may have to pay.

Refer to the enclosed table for common wear and tear areas, which are regularly checked. Make sure your vehicle is kept in good condition to avoid extra charges.

We can send you a full list of wear and tear conditions. If you would like a copy call us on1800 022 012.




Body damage

  • professional repairs

  • obvious eveidence of colour mismatch or mis-alignment between panels

  • missing or damanged mouldings and panels


  • minor dents (up to 10mm) that do not affect the panel's structural integrity

  • multiple dents or scrapes on a single panel

  • buckling or distortion of the panels


  • minor chipping relative to the vehicle's age and kilometres travelled, provided it has not penetrated to the base metal or corroded

  • major abrasions
  • colour mismatch between panels
  • loss of gloss and colour disproportionate to the vehicle's ages
  • damage due to sticker/decals


  • light scratches and minor chipping around the windscreen's periphery

  • Minor scuff marks or scratches

  • cracks or damages within the wiper arches

  • holes or cracks in the windscreen's/window's glass or light covers


  • slightly soiled upholstery, scuffed floor mats, trim and kick panels

  • professional repairs

  • torn, cut, burnt or permanently stained upholstery

  • bent trim panels

  • bad odours

  • damage caused by the fitting or removal of communication equipment.

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