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24 March 2020


COVID-19 Information Update

We want you to know that although times are tough right now, we’re committed to not only protecting the safety and wellbeing of our team members, but also ensuring we can continue to support you with your fleet, finance, leasing and driver requirements.

For more information on COVID-19 specifically please visit the Australian Government Website.

What we're doing

It is our aim to maintain all existing service levels and conduct ‘business as usual’.  Please continue to engage with us to ensure we can support you through this challenging time and provide you with solutions for your fleet and your employees.

We are also exploring remote working options for our people that will allow us to continue to support you in the coming days and months. This may mean a change in the way we work and communicate with you and we’d ask that you bear with us during this time.

As always, Fleet Managers can login in to Fleetview:

For drive assistance enquiries, including accident or roadside, phone 1800 022 012

For general enquiries, phone 1800 022 077

Or email


Driver Frequently Asked Questions


GM Holden Announcement

17 February 2020


General Motors announced on 17th February 2020 they will be retiring the Holden brand in Australia and New Zealand.  While change was on the horizon for Holden, this decision will still be deeply felt by many including those employees personally affected, fans of the brand and members of the fleet industry. 


It is important to note that Holden Leasing has no direct financial ties with GM Holden and the General Motors decision will not affect our service levels, capabilities or desire to assist with customer fleet funding and management needs.



While Holden Leasing has a shared history with GM Holden which dates back to 1984, in 2010 the McMillan Shakespeare Group (MMS) acquired 100% of Interleasing (Australia) Limited which comprised multimake vehicle leasing specialist, Interleasing, and Holden product specialist, Holden Leasing.


Holden Leasing remains an integral part of the wider asset management Interleasing brand of MMSG, and will continue to operate in its own right as it does today.


Moving forward

Stock supply of Holden vehicles is now very limited and our Relationship Managers will be working with customers to find suitable fit for purpose replacements.  We remain committed to delivering excellence in fleet management and we are currently investing in new technologies which will be launched this year, these include a new driver assist app and a completely re-built Fleetview portal and other operational efficiencies such as OCR and AI robotics.


If you have any queries about Holden Leasing, please get in touch at



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