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Finance lease
With a Finance Lease, your company retains all the benefits and risks of ownership, subject to the terms of the lease, however Holden Leasing is the legal owner of the vehicle for the term of the lease.

The vehicle remains on your balance sheet and your company enjoys the profits or bears the loss at the end of the lease term from its sales proceeds.

A Finance Lease offers tax and administrative benefits and you still have the option to enjoy many of the benefits offered by Holden Leasing if you choose to have the vehicle either partly or fully maintained through us.


Tax friendly

  • lease payments are usually tax deductible if the vehicle is used to generate income for the business. In some cases the payments will be 100 per cent tax deductible.


  • monthly payments are agreed to at the start of the lease term
  • service and maintenance: a full maintenance and service contract can be built into your Finance Lease. All costs are known at the start of the lease term, reducing the financial burden on your business
  • annual registration & CTP renewals.

Cost savings

  • enjoy a competitive interest rate on funding
  • you get all the benefits of our buying power and strength.


  • We do all the work for you, including finding the right vehicles of your choice to suit your business needs.
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