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Operating Lease
An Operating Lease is one of the most popular ways to lease a business vehicle.

When you choose an Operating Lease, Holden Leasing retains ownership of the vehicle while your business retains exclusive use of the vehicle for the term of the lease - usually between 1-5 years - in exchange for agreed monthly payments.

The main benefit of an operating lease is that the vehicle becomes an off-balance sheet "asset" and Holden Leasing takes on many of the risks normally associated with ownerships, such as residual or re-sale value of the vehicle.

Provided the vehicle has not been subjected to unfair wear and tear, or excess kilometres, you simply hand back the vehicle at the end of the lease period. The rest is up to us.


  • enjoy a competitive and fixed interest rate on funding
  • you get all the benefits of our buying power and strength
  • free up working capital for your core business
  • fixed monthly payments for the lease term
  • service and maintenance: a full maintenance and service contract can be built into your Operating Lease. All costs are known at the start of the lease term, reducing added financial burden on your business
  • annual registration & CTP renewals
  • we can do all the work for you, including finding the right vehicles to suit your business needs
  • drive a new car more often. Your drivers can upgrade to a new make and model at the end of the lease term
  • the vehicle becomes an off-balance sheet asset. We retain many of the risks of ownership
  • disposal - at the end of the lease period you simply hand back the vehicle.*

Subject to unfair wear and tear and excess kilometres.

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